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Principal's Message

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the East Ridge Middle School (ERMS) website. Please take a moment to explore what makes ERMS a special place to learn and to work.

Our goal at ERMS is to support the growth and development of the whole child in reaching their full potential. We focus on both academics and social emotional learning. Implementing a rigorous curriculum, fostering students' passions for art and music, promoting an empathetic and inclusive space for all students, cultivating a love of learning, and working with students to develop the skills necessary to positively contribute to their community, are all ways in which we accomplish our mission.

Here at ERMS we serve about 500 students and take an interdisciplinary team approach to teaching and learning. Each grade level has two teams, and each team has one teacher for each of the core subject areas. These subjects include social studies, math, science, and English. Students also have the opportunity to engage in music, art, physical education, health education, and family and consumer science education. Students can also participate in a variety of clubs such as student council, STEM Club, morning show, cross country, debate, or various music clubs (e.g. chamber singers). Our comprehensive curriculum and club offerings allow for students to explore different passions and interests, ultimately assisting in their development as well-rounded young people.

Our faculty is committed to educating all students. They use strategies to differentiate and personalize learning by meeting individual student needs, instilling a love of learning through engaging lessons, challenging students cognitively at the appropriate level, and encouraging educational risk taking. Our students move on from ERMS as creative problem solvers, proficient communicators, skilled collaborators, and empathetic peers.

Lastly, our ERMS students and staff work to cultivate P.R.I.D.E.: personal responsibility, respect, integrity, determination, and excellence. As a community we build relationships among staff, students, and families in order to support all students to achieve success and demonstrate P.R.I.D.E. in all aspects of their lives.


Jennifer Phostole

Jennifer Phostole