Teacher Sites

At ERMS, we pride ourselves in providing resources designed to enhance student learning and organization. Our teachers develop and maintain their own teacher websites as a way for students to access assignments, projects, and important due dates all in one place. Feel free to bookmark your child’s teacher site so you can stay in-the-know about all things East Ridge.

Sixth Grade

Grade 6 Team 1

  • Mrs. Swanson, Mrs. McDougal, Mrs. Roth, Mr. Stewart

Grade 6 Team 2

  • Ms. Seewald, Ms. Stanley, Mr. Voltz, Mrs. Dalton

Seventh Grade

Grade 7 Team 1

  • Ms. Misiewicz, Mr. Boylan, Ms. Karpich, Mrs. Pirri

Grade 7 Team 2

  • Ms. Reed, Mr. Settanni, Mr. Grega, Ms. Johnson

Grade 7 Team 3

  • Ms. Margiotta, Mrs. Donigian, Ms. Gooch, Ms. Kay

Eighth Grade

Grade 8 Team 1

  • Mrs. Scheer, Mr. Ruland, Mrs. Antkies, Ms. Nappi

Grade 8 Team 2

    • Ms. Goretoy, Mr. Hougasian, Mrs. Sullivan, Ms. Sullivan

    Grade 8 Team 3

    • Ms. DePaola, Mrs. Tyra, Mr. Bozzuto, Mrs. Goldstein

    Special Areas

    World Languages

    • Sra. Dominguez, Sra. Eckstein, Sra. Gittens, Sra. McGown, Sra. Sperry, Mme Earle, Mme Hanson

    Physical Education

    • Mr. Meyers, Mr. Donigan, Mrs. Picarella


    • Mrs. Young


    • Mrs. Brunner, Mr. Peters, Mrs. Brown


    • Ms. Lewis, Ms. Steele